Advantages and Disadvantages of Olympics

With the 2010 olympic games well on there way a lot of thoughts come to mind. What will the olympics bring to us? Will it make money? Should we even be having the 2010 olympics? There are 2 sides in this endless argument. The people that dont want the olympics, and the people who do want it.

Before I explain the reasons why they want or don’t want the Olympics there are a few things that come into play. Our economy, being in a state of disaster should the Olympics really be a top priority? Threats, the security for the Olympics must be top notch so that the people’s safety is insured.

Time, is it really a good time for the Olympics with all that’s going on war, natural disaster and economy should we really worry about the 2010 games? Keeping the Olympics. Our world has been having the Olympics for a very long time now should be even nba중계 think about cancelling the Olympics?

The tradition is a very sacred one to world and the people who feel passionate about are taking a stand and saying that we shall not cancel this glorious event even in a time of crisis. Another factor is the athletes how do they feel? They have been training none stop for this glorious event.

It is there time to shine and having it taken away from them would be the worst thing we could do. Money being a very important role here, people are wondering if the Olympics would produce more money then it spent or will the Olympics plummet to debt.

The Olympics, an important event that has been going on for ever and is a tradition to the people of this planet, keeping the Olympics is an obvious YES. The Olympics do we need them? We are in a time of crisis, all the war in the Middle East, the state of our economy and a lot of other problems. The Olympics should take a back seat. The Olympics a onetime thing, then it’s over a waste of money that we shouldn’t be spending.

Being a double edged sword the Olympics could produce a lot of money or send us plummeting into debt. More likely debt seeing as we are already in a money situation. Taking this risk would be a big disadvantage for the people. The HIGH chances that the the Olympics do cause a money problem you, the people will be paying to clean it all up!

Is this risk worth taking? With all that’s going on in the world the Olympics should definitely get to the back of the line in the priority list. The Olympics also bring a big invitation for those who would want to harm others. The security would have to be very good or else we could have ourselves a huge disaster if terrorists strike!